Where have I gone?
Where have I been?
Nobody missed me,
Nobody cares.
If I end today,
No tear be brushed away.
If I cease to be,
No memory,pains to remain.
But she’ll find me
Mary would search me out
Because she loves this boy
Tears she has shed for him
Rivers of salt have poured down her cheeks
Nights of pain
Shared till the day.

He is not blind
Dante sees it all
He hears it all
He’ll wipe those tears
Like the Master does
Love in his heart
Boils over and melts his soul
He cries too,you know
He hurts too,you see
Casting all prejudice aside
He cherishes Mary
More than his own life
Hard to believe,she runs
She hides from his light
And sadness overshadows her

Come out boo
Into my light
Soak in this joy
Let me love you forever
Love like no other
Love that soothes your heart
I beseech you not
I order you not
But with the purity of heart
I beg to claim
Be with me
My Forever love

By Abdulsalam Abdul