Young buzzing rapper/producer “YOUNG NAB” born Adigwu-Bardi Nnamdi on the 1st of May 1989 to Andrew & caroline Adigwu-Bardi. Young nab is a nigerian, originally from the south but grew up in the west in a town called “Ilorin.
He got acquainted with the hip-hop genre in the late 90’s listening to artists like DMX,2pac,B.I.G,Diddy. Finally in 2004 at the age of 15, young nab started rapping and formed a trio rap group called “Dream soldiers”.With no recordings done,the group had to split later that year. Young nab set out as a solo rapper influenced by artistes such as teenage rapper at the time ; “Bow Wow, Fabolous,Lloyd Banks of G-unit. These artistes greatly influenced his subtle style of rap. Previous releases from Young nab includes: his first recording ever”Get up” (2007), “What u got”(2008), “Never stop”(2009). Debuting on blogs and retail stores worldwide with “High”(2010) through a distribution deal with a U.S indie label; Instyle records. However,(2011) has been a promising year for the rapper with better efforts and buzz since he released two singles; “One chance” and “Obsessed” on local blogs nationwide. Attracting a large audience,home and abroad and increasing his fan base. Both songs had over 500 downloads within few days of release. Young nab has a mixtape out : Young. Fresh and Icy mixtape vol.1 hosted by thefunkiestdj G-funk of Grace. 95.5FM.

FLIGHT SKOOL: Instrumental was already a classic, composure and delivery was on point, Lyrics can be better though. But coming from a GreenHorn i will rate this good…With hard-work you can only get better…NICE

RATING:6/10 (mix-tape rating)

IL-TOWN: I like the feel the instrumental gave this song, delivery and composure is good yet again, the lyrics here was kind of poor but the Chorus gave it life…Nice but i prefer Flight Skool.

RATING:5/10 (mix-tape rating)

SWEET SENSATION: OK Frank Ocean’s NOVACANE instrumental cool, well i can’t keep mentioning the obvious, but this chorus doesn’t really work for me (just saying)…Nice songs Man keep it coming.

RATING:6/10 (mix-tape rating)

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Nice,cheerful and easy going person, not necessarily looking for perfection but just need to see hardwork and talent...And we are trying to sanitize the Naija Music Industry...


  1. Nice work Nab, †ђξ sky’s not †ђξ limit, ders still a lot more above †ђξ sky. Peace.

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